At Smith Dawson & Andrews, our in-depth substantive knowledge combined with our creativity, hard work and reputation for integrity attracts new clients at the forefront of innovation and has earned us the trust of longstanding clients, some of whom have been with us for more than twenty-five years. We offer a wide range of services to a variety of organizations across many industry sectors. These include businesses, corporations, state and local governments, nonprofits and trade associations. We’re proud that clients think of us as an integral part of their business, capable of delivering the services they need when they need them.

Client relationships begin by conducting an in-depth audit of their capacity, resources and programs to clarify issues and create a hierarchy of services needed and tasks to be done. SDA drafts a public affairs agenda that leverages local resources, highlights opportunities, targets funding gaps and builds coalitions to increase visibility and success.

Public Affairs

As organizations compete in a complex changing marketplace, public affairs has become more important than ever. SDA monitors and manages client issues and the context in which they evolve. We are experts at crafting a targeted communications plan to influence audiences and clarify objectives. Without a clear message and specific requests, access to lawmakers, business and opinion leaders and government officials does little to accomplish your goals.

Strategic Planning

Designing strategic campaigns directed to government, business and the nonprofit sectors, we analyze your goals and identify potential targets whether you are a business looking to increase product penetration at the federal, state or local level or an educational institution needing guidance on grant and foundation funding. Straightforward action-oriented plans are tailored to fit your existing and future needs and then executed effectively.

Public Policy

SDA counsels and advises its clients on the development and implementation of public policy on a wide-range of issues, including transportation, economic development, education and workforce development, energy, environmental regulation, homeland security, infrastructure, land use, public safety and federal spending. Our in-depth knowledge of key policy areas permits us to understand the current environment, analyze how it will impact your goals in the short and medium terms and help you to influence the policy debate for longer term success.

Government Relations

We open doors and deliver results for clients through a full range of advocacy and communications services. Our valued network helps us build relationships for you with lawmakers, elected leaders, government officials, private sector partners, advocacy groups and constituents. We advocate effectively on your behalf, monitor legislation and regulations and draft testimony and language for bills and regulations. In these times of shrinking budgets and program cutting, we help make sure that your voice is heard on the monetary and programmatic decisions being made in Washington that are critical to your organization’s mission.

Grant and Private Funding

With a deep understanding of federal agencies and the federal grants process, SDA tracks grant programs throughout the federal government, helps clients identify the opportunities that best meet their needs and then secures funding for critical projects. We are experienced in working through the grant process, know the agencies that administer the grants and the outcomes they are looking to achieve and will help you through the often detailed substantive and procedural requirements for each grant application. Once you have decided to pursue funding, we will help you to line up Congressional/political support to advance your proposal.

We also work with clients to determine whether there are other funding sources available to them from foundations, corporations or nonprofits and then help to design and execute a development strategy.

Coalition Building and Ally Development

Building and managing relationships with those who have common interests and goals is crucial to any organization’s success. SDA will help you decide whether recruiting and coordinating with a coalition or third party ally would enhance your efforts and contribute to your bottom line. Where appropriate, SDA will identify and contact key ally decision-makers, build grassroots, grass tops, industry and constituent group efforts and work with our extensive network of resources to your benefit. The coordinated efforts and combined resources of city, county and regional groups can be structured to accomplish more. SDA has years of experience building, monitoring and managing coalitions to accomplish a wide range of objectives.

Business Development and Government Marketing

Businesses looking to supply products to federal, state and local governments or structure business to business and public/private partnerships come to SDA to identify U.S. marketplace opportunities and find potential partners. Our services extend well beyond traditional procurement by connecting clients to government and private entities needing their solutions. We work closely with clients to develop the best strategy, identify the right targets and close the deal.

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